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SMC Trading Hub Course Overview

Pullback identification

Pullback identification in trading is the process of identifying temporary reversals in price during a longer-term trend . 


Market structure is a powerful tool that can help you to become a more profitable trader. 

Fair value Gap ( FVG)

It is a price gap that occurs when there is a significant imbalance between buying and selling pressure. 

IOF( Institutional Order Flow )

Institutional order flow (IOF) refers to the buying and selling of large quantities of securities by institutional investors .

Order block explanation

An order block in trading is a price area where there has been a significant concentration of buy or sell orders . 

IFC Candle Identification

IFC Candlesare a type of candlestick pattern that is used by traders to identify potential trading opportunities .

Relatilers liquidity

Retail investor liquidity refers to the ability of retail investors to buy and sell securities quickly and easily. Always Use a broker with good liquidity .

SMT Explanation

SMT is a trading strategy that is used to identify potential trading opportunities by analyzing the relationship . 

Session Liquidity

Session liquidity refers to the amount of trading activity that takes place during a specific trading session.

Putting altogether with CHoCH

Change of character (CHOCH) is a trading concept that refers to a shift in the direction of price movement . 

Flip Entry Model

It is used to identify potential trading opportunities by looking for reversals in market direction.

Hidden POI Identification

It is the process of identifying areas on a price chart where there is a high concentration of buying or selling interest .

Account Passing Service

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  • 50K: 250 USD
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  • 400K: 1750 USD

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